How to Fix PC When It Crashes and Stops Functioning

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Published: 25th June 2015
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Someday--maybe when you're right in the middle of something important like putting the finishing touches to a presentation-- your PC crashes or stops functioning. It happens to most of us.

What does that mean? It could mean that you can no longer access all of those files on your hard drive. You might find yourself staring at a black screen, and no matter how hard you press the keys, nothing happens. Perhaps you would have to close youíre your business or personal affairs until you get the darn thing working again.

If you have been careful, then you have made a backup of your PC, but you should know that the very thing that caused your PC's meltdown is probably on that backup file, and the minute you restore it, your PC will inevitably repeat the terrible cycle once again.

Some people don't believe that their PCs will ever crash because they have a good brand or care for their PC. Unfortunately, the reason most people have problems is because of the very nature of the PC. A PC is chaotic in the way that it stores and processes your files.

For example, in the registry, it naturally corrupts now and then with hundreds of running processes accessing it and beginning to do things that they're not supposed to.

In other words, it relies on control files that tell your PC how to do its job, and once those files get bloated, the problems begin.

Nevertheless, even though we can't predict future disasters, we can sometimes prevent them.

If you want to prevent your PC from quitting functioning, here's what you should do. Take a few minutes to download our Amigabit PowerBooster, and then you can run a house diagnostic test on your PC. Within seconds, it will begin scanning your computer to seek for those things that are redundant or potential problems. Once it's completed, you will be given a report about all those things on your PC's registry that are putting it at risk.

After that, the decision is yours. You can continue on the same path and take a chance every time you turn on your PC, or you can unlock the Amigabit PowerBooster, and let it fix all of the problems and restore your PC's registry to the safe and secure condition that your PC needs to run safely.

In a nutshell, here's what the PC tuning program can do for your computer

--Run a diagnostic test in a few minutes that will actually let you see your PC's immediate future

--Allow you to control the future of your computer by giving you the chance to repair those registry hazards on-the-spot.

--Give you even more control over the long-term by setting up a maintenance program that will keep your PC operating smoothly.

Even if you are one of the lucky ones who don't have computer problems (yet), you can still benefit from this software. Here's how:

--You'll be able to speed up your PC's startup time by shutting down unnecessary background process and services.

--In addition the overall processing time will be quicker.

--You can delete all of those junk files that your computer automatically accumulates. They only serve to clog up your hard drive and that is why your PC is running so slow!

So, either way you win.

Let me ask you three questions:
--Is your PC thinking "Today is a good day to crash?"Can you afford to have downtime on your PC today?
--Can you afford to have downtime on your PC any day?
--Are you ready to take a house diagnostic test to find out if you have any problems lurking in the registry of your computer?

If so, simply download the utility and take a shot.

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